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Well Integrity

A robust well integrity management system is vital to optimise well production through equipment reliability, mitigate environmental risk, comply with regulatory requirements and reduce the frequency of unplanned incidents.

While Superior Performance Design excel in delivering individual technical solutions, we also understand the production process and its many interfaces whether it is at surface or down-hole. This combination of capabilities and well specific knowledge – underpinned by our proven well engineering pedigree is what enables us to support your business. We are ideally placed to maintain a client’s wells database, monitor or manage well stock, and execute well improvement programmes as required. We also have the required in-house tools and processes to assist in Well Integrity assessments.

As we are completely independent this allows us to be better prepared to answer (or ask) key questions.

Areas where Superior Performance Design can help include:

  • Well integrity management system
  • Risk quantification
  • Safety reviews
  • Well integrity assessments
  • Cost Analysis
  • Well integrity examination
  • Well integrity investigations
  • Gap analysis on well integrity management
  • Advisors, specialists and consultants
  • Annular casing pressure management
  • Well operating limits and MAASP
  • Well integrity review for well designs
  • Well Integrity Management Systems (WIMS) development