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Well Examination

Our Well Examination exists to provide an independent service. Focused on safety critical and pressure containing elements of well designs and well operations that complies with the local legislation. We provide a comprehensive assurance service for new well designs, well construction operations, existing wells, and workover and intervention activities involving a detailed two stage well examination process, consisting of:

  • Stage 1: Design Well Examination and Certificate
  • Stage 2: Construction/ Operations Well Examination and Certificate

As part of the Well Examination services, we can develop Well Examination scheme for Operators which is in compliance with country specific regulations and adheres to the company’s own internal Standards.

We also provide Production Well Examination, which is when wells are handed over to production or wells which are suspended or shut-in for a prolonged period onshore or offshore. The Production Well Examination demonstrates the well integrity is fit for purpose throughout the production phase and that pressure containment equipment that forms part of the well is suitable for its purpose.

All Well Examinations ensure the Operator is in compliance with relevant company standards & procedures and local regulations. Well Examination is applicable to all well types such as geothermal, carbon storage and oil & gas wells.

Superior Performance Design is an Independent Specialist Well Engineering provider.
We have a wealth of local and international experience in well engineering services and examination. We act as independent and competent persons, carrying out well examination to assure your wells are properly designed, constructed and maintained so as far as reasonably practicable so there is no unplanned escape of fluids from the well throughout the well’s lifecycle.