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Well Engineering & Subsurface Studies

The range of studies that can be undertaken by Superior Performance Design is wide-ranging, both in scope and geographically. 

The following is representative list of studies that can be conducted by us:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Seismic acquisition designs
  • Field project management including permitting for seismic operations
  • Concept screening
  • Rig selection
  • Well designs (i.e conventional wells, HPHT, Geothermal and CO2 storage)
  • Geophysical studies for prospect generation
  • Static and dynamic modelling studies
  • Completion designs
  • Welltest design
  • Well abandonment designs
  • Technical incident investigations
  • Technologies review
  • Insurance investigations
  • Cement design
  • Drilling fluids design
  • Well integrity assessments
  • Well Cost/Time estimates

Superior Performance Design’s engineers are driven to develop and apply the most innovative, cost-effective, safe, and practical solutions to fulfill the well engineering & subsurface project goals. Our engineers have a demonstrated track record of delivering solutions and value to clients.