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Well Engineering Design


Superior Performance Design can provide a full range of well engineering design services for Assess, Select, Define & Execute phases (Gates), covering all well deliverables such as:

  • Time & Costs (AFE),
  • Basis for Well Design,
  • Perform Specialist Well Engineering Modelling for complex wells or challenging sections.
  • Risks Analysis,
  • Drilling Programmes etc.
  • Offset Wells Studies
  • Materials, Rig, Equipment, and Services Specifications
  • Cost and Time Estimates
  • Review & optimise existing Well Designs & Procedures, identify opportunities to save on well costs through better designs.
  • Prepare Detailed Section Guidelines for challenging sections, highlighting technical limits, lesson learned incorporation & optimal practices etc. to stay on course.
  • Detailed Tubular & Casing Designs.
  • Casing Wear Predictive Analysis for Drilling and Workover Operations.
  • Perform Risk-Based (What-if scenarios) Well Engineering modelling to validate the final well design.

Superior Performance Design offer independent and professional engineering capabilities. Our well designs take account of all eventualities and include extensive contingency planning. Well types include onshore and offshore, deep or shallow water, geothermal, carbon storage, HPHT, ERD, well abandonment and work over projects.