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Risk Management & HSE

Superior Performance Design has the tools and processes to assist our clients on their continuous journey to achieve a zero-incidents work place. We can offer you the Risk Management and HSE services you require. We understand the work, we understand the hazards and risks, and we offer the best value-adding solutions.

Superior Performance Design can provide onshore and offshore HSE consultancy services with extensive experience in areas such as:

  1. Conduct Hazard Identification (HazID) exercises to provide a systematic process whereby the operations will be broken down into component parts and subjected to a detailed analysis.
  2. Assist with the identification, management, mitigation and registration of all Risks through by conducting reviews of the following:
    • Well plan, well integrity data, wellhead integrity data
    • Vendor and subcontractor selection requirements and processes
    • Equipment compliance OEM’s specifications and requirements
    • Operations readiness plan and schedules
    • Safety Case and HSE management systems
    • Training and Competency databases and systems
  3. Audit Emergency Response arrangements to gain an accurate understanding of the organization’s level of emergency preparedness, and to ensure that a realistic and proven-effective Incident Command System (ICS) is in place.
  4. Review, or generate, the operations Emergency Response Plan (ERP). The ERP should include information on risk assessment, emergency response requirements, resources and capabilities, incident scenarios, incidents categories, response teams tiers, incident evaluations, all specific to the operations being undertaken.
  5. Coordination and/or participation in either full or desktop Emergency Response exercises and provide feedback/ suggestions to resolve any issues that arise.
  6. Generate contingency plans that are based on the Hazard and Effect Management Process (HEMP) for the following aspects.
    • Blowout
    • Logistics
    • Operational Business Continuity
  7. Liaise with the client’s rig and office-based HSE advisors, and proactively support the well construction team to assess and meet legislative requirements in a timely and accurate manner with particular focus on HSE compliance.
  8. Prepare the HSE portions of regulatory applications and ensure environmental regulatory applications for wells are submitted in a timely manner for the well operations programme. Maintain contact with appropriate personnel in applicable regulatory bodies.
  9. Support project HSE planning activities to ensure that:-
    • Project KPIs are generated, agreed and monitored.
    • Activities are carried out, in a timely manner, using competent and experienced personnel to ensure high quality deliveries.
    • HSE activities are documented and tracked.
    • All project HSE actions are followed-up until completed.
    • Monitor HSE performance, identify areas of concern and coordinating follow-up activities as required.
  10. Promote compliance with, and improvement of, the HSE Management System to help enable continuous improvement in HSE performance.
  11. Audit the implementation of drilling contractor management systems prior to contracting a drilling unit.
  12. Participate in the HSE audit programme of vendors and sub-contractors and source external resources to audit as required. Help manage specialist service providers to deliver compliant environmental consent applications to meet deadlines resulting from changes to schedules.
  13. Assist with the tracking and close out of audit observations, deviations, non-conformances or incidents.
  14. Generate incident investigation report to include incident classification, appropriate corrective actions, assigning responsible persons for actions close-out, identify controls/measures to prevent recurrence.
  15. Improve human factors by challenging unsafe acts and behaviors and empower personnel to strive for operational and HSE excellence.
  16. Promote continual improvement by challenging HSE systems, standards and practices to identify opportunities for improvement.

Are you looking for Risk Management and HSE Well Engineering support? Superior Performance Design is your solution.