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Peer Review

Superior Performance Design can carry out peer reviews on any/all well engineering and subsurface projects at any stage of the project design. As experienced peer reviewers, we know that the role of the reviewer may require as much flexibility as the original engineer performing the work. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the needs of each client on a case-by-case basis.

Our approach is to work collaboratively with the original  engineer within a supportive environment to identify issues for confirmation they have been appropriately considered and/or are resolved with documentation modified in the case of new designs.

Typically, the work involves reviewing design documentation, carrying out some check design calculations, liaising with the well design engineers, agreeing on a resolution or acceptance of information received.

Completion of the peer review culminates in the issue a Peer Review Report (recording issues identified and resolutions agreed) along with any updated documentation from the well engineering team.

Each peer review is unique hence we customise each peer review to meet the specific project requirements. The steps included in a typical peer review process are as follows:

  • Defining the Scope of Work
  • Understanding project Constraints and Objectives
  • Analysing company standards and any appropriate regulatory compliance requirements
  • Setting up a team of peer review experts
  • Conducting quality checks
  • Obtaining client feedback
  • Preparing a draft and final peer review

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