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Expert Witness

Superior Performance Design can provide expert advice and reports to support arbitration and litigation for a range of well and subsurface engineering services and related projects. As a market leader for the provision of well engineering and subsurface services, our personnel have unrivalled experience. This expertise, coupled with an intimate knowledge of industry best practice, is applied to provide detailed, concise advice to a range of stakeholders. Superior Performance Design can facilitate discussions with affected parties to resolve disputes and the costs associated with legal or arbitration proceedings.

Our expert witness services include:

  • Production of expert witness statements and exhibits
  • Facilitation of meetings to resolve disputes

Our experts understand the responsibilities of assisting the court on technical matters after proceedings have commenced, or in advising potential litigants of the merits of their technical case, when appointed pre-action. We provide fully independent, impartial and reliable advice.

Our experience in well engineering & subsurface design, analysis and troubleshooting means that we can offer you a powerful advantage in your case.