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Due Diligence

Superior Performance Design offers trusted Due Diligence support to global acquisition and divestment projects, providing independent advice and expertise to support valuation and risk assessments.

Due Diligence allows clients to develop a deeper understanding of the potential wells issues, how these issues may impact future operations, as well as the risks and costs associated to resolve the issues. Due Diligence reduces the ‘surprise factors’ and their potential ramifications. Clients will be able to adopt a more proactive approach during the acquisition and divestment process.

Our Well Engineering Due Diligence can include many different scopes but may include:

  • Provide independent well time and cost estimates to verify  cost estimate and identify areas of greatest uncertainty and risk.
  • Verify all Basis For Design subsurface and engineering inputs (including pore and fracture pressure gradients, subsurface uncertainty and risks etc).
  • Verify selected generic development  designs with due consideration to well and subsurface risks.
  • Verify integrity of existing well stock and advise of potential issues
  • Verify well completion design and confirm feasible with presented well profiles with due consideration to well profiles.
  • Verify well equipment and material selection and specifications.
  • Identification of skills and disciplines necessary to be put in place in establishing a viable Well Engineering planning and execution capability.
  • Verify minimum drilling rig specifications for the proposed well designs.
  • Verify intended campaign activity schedule (including rig mob & demob) against area metocean data.
  • Identify any special or further engineering and environmental studies and/or special governmental requirements.
  • Confirm geological prognosis and proposed development well trajectories/locations with due and practical consideration to well profiles.
  • Evaluate the benefits and difficulties of the proposed well & subsurface designs and provide recommendations on best practices and cost reduction opportunities.
  • Verify the documented contracting and procurement strategy.

Our Due Diligence service is advantageous to Investors or Operators who do not have the significant in-house technical expertise required. We provide an independent expert view of the  assets in question, giving the client a better understanding of its long term value and enabling them to make more informed investment decisions.