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About Superior Performance Design

We Advise

Our clients speak plain English and so do we – our advice is to the point and understandable.

As experts in consulting for all well services, we are committed to delivering you informed advice. We want your projects to succeed, that’s why we take pride in the specialist information we deliver.

Our advice is based on solid analysis of the information at hand, leveraged through our real-world, and hands-on experience and technical expertise.

We Listen

For every project, no matter how small or big, we take our time to listen. It’s essential. 

To clarify and to define our client’s requirements is to clearly outline the scope of work within the client’s framework of safety, budget, timing and standards.

And we don’t stop listening, but continue to seek client feedback every step of the project.

We Solve

We solve well engineering and subsurface problems, and every problem is different. Whether it is a concise recommendation or hands-on field work, we can cater for both. 

We firmly believe that hands-on experience makes us better engineers. We also share our knowledge and implement durable solutions for all types of seimic acquisition, well design, operations and management systems.

Our Track Record

Superior Performance Design personnel have a proven track record in delivering seismic acquisition, well engineering and subsurface projects from concept through to execution. 

Whether this is in design, management systems, due diligence, we have extensive experience in providing engineering solutions for all types of operations. Our management system is designed to easily integrate with your management systems.